Album: Foreseen (2010)

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Song: 01. Intro-Pawn

Bitrate: 128kbps

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"Start digging in your closet for that multi-colored Anthrax shirt (size XL) you bought in the mid-80ies, search for your Adidas high tops and better flip that bill of your cap because when the first note of this 7" resounds the laws of physics will be suspended: You'll be immediately brought back to a time when bands like DRI, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, NUCLEAR ASSAULT or MOD merged Hardcore and Thrash Metal to create an urban soundtrack for endless skate sessions, wild mosh-pits and out of control house destruction parties.

FORESEEN's new 7" Structural Oppression is stuck knee-deep in the 80ies and reproduces this classic crossover sound so well it's hard to believe that those two songs were actually recorded in 2012 and not 25 years earlier. Besides sound-wise similarities to the aforementioned bands (and a shitload of others, I can't help but think of the German Hardcore phenomenon TRUE BLUE for example) there are also the excessive vocals which are almost drowned in reverb and the downright hilarious cover artwork that totally support this 80ies-feeling. The sound of the recordings is quite rough, but very lively and direct - as I've heard these tracks have been recorded analogue, so that might be an explanation. And it's great, most important.

So there's not really much more to say, these two strong songs on this 7" are a teaser for the upcoming album, which will be released in 2013 via Take It Back and Collision Records (just like this 7?). When I hear the solos, feel the mosh and see the bright sun outside my office window I really want to get my lazy ass onto my skateboard, cruise around and blast FORESEEN unhealthily loud through my headphones. Fuck."